Upstate Executive Board Committees

The following committees report at the Executive Board meetings.

Executive Board Standing Committees

(Created by Bylaws Amendment)

Labor Management Committee: Rich Veenstra (CP), Mindy Heath (VPP), Anthony Tracey (VPA), Brent Underwood (LRS)

Outreach Committee: Rich Veenstra (CPC, Chair), Mindy Heath (VPP), Deb Benware (RO)

Membership Committee:

Grievance Committee: Rich Veenstra (CP), Mindy Heath (VPP),

Executive Board Ad Hoc Committees

(Created by the Executive Board)

Events Committee (formerly Clambake Committee)

Community Service Committee (formerly Highway Pickup Committee)

Appointed Positions

(Appointed by Chapter President, Executive Board approval)

Grievance Officers: Rich Veenstra (Academics), Mindy Heath (Professionals)

Outreach Chairperson (Chapter Political Coordinator): Rich Veenstra

Membership Chairperson: TBD

Newsletter Editor: Theresa Baxter

Vote/COPE Coordinator: TBD

Web Master: Devin Kerr

Designees for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Clinical Concerns Chairperson: Anthony Tracey

Other Positions as necessary