Overtime Pay Agreement

UUP, SUNY & State agree on overtime pay for hospitals

UUP has signed an agreement with New York State and SUNY for a pilot overtime pay pilot program. Effective beginning October 14, 2021, non-exempt UUP employees in eligible State titles will earn 2.5 times their regular pay for overtime hours worked over 40 hours per week thru June 30, 2022. Employees in the below titles that are non-exempt or classified as overtime-eligible authorized to receive the 2.5 overtime pay include:

  • TH CTS EKG Associate
  • TH CTS EKG Specialist
  • TH Clinical Laboratory Technologist 1,2,3,4
  • TH Respiratory Therapist 1,2,3
  • TH Medical Radiographer 1,2,3
  • TH CTS Anesthesia Associate
  • TH CTS Anesthesia Specialist
  • TH CTS EEG Associate
  • TH CTS EEG Specialist
  • TH CTS Operating Room Associate
  • TH CTS Operating Room Specialist
  • TH Pharmacy Assistant
  • TH CTS Cardiology Assistant
  • TH CTS Cardiology Associate
  • TH CTS Cardiology Specialist
  • TH Medical Instrumentation Sr. Specialist
  • TH Medical Instrumentation Associate
  • TH Medical Instrumentation Specialist
  • TH Radiation Therapist 1,2
  • TH Physical Therapy Assistant 1,2
  • TH Clinical Technical Services Sterile Supply Associate
  • TH CTS Vascular Assistant
  • TH CTS Vascular Associate
  • TH CTS Vascular Specialist

Eligible UUP employees in the above titles at Upstate Medical University will be notified by Human Resources as soon as possible. Other OT eligible/non-exempt employees directly related to providing patient access or health care services authorized to receive this 2.5 OT Pay will be determined in consultation with Upstate Medical University leadership.

For more information, please visit UUP, SUNY, state agree on overtime pay for hospitals (uupinfo.org)

Details of the agreement are in the MOA, which can be downloaded by clicking HERE.