The Officers of the Chapter include the President, Vice President for Academics, Vice President for Professionals, Officer for Contingents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Officer for Retirees.

Officers are elected by the chapter membership.

The vice president’s primary duties are to represent the category of member they are appointed (Academics or Professionals).

Vice President for Academics: Anthony Tracey, M.D.

Vice President for Professionals: Mindy Heath

Officer for Contingents: Steve Grassl, PhD.

Dr. Grassl joined the Department of Pharmacology faculty in 1985 where he continues to serve as an Associate Professor.  He completed his graduate and post graduate education at the Cornell University College of Medicine and the Yale School of Medicine, where the focus of his research was renal physiology and membrane transport.  His career in the Department of Pharmacology was devoted to basic science research and the education of medical students.  He has served the campus UUP chapter as a Delegate since the early 1990’s and as the Chapter Vice President for Academics since 2019.  He is currently serving on two UUP Statewide Committee’s including the Academic Medical Programs Committee and the Membership Committees.

Secretary: Stephanie Delahunt

Treasurer: Dawn Burns

Officer for Retirees: Deb Benware

NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist: Brent Underwood