Delegates are elected in biannual elections by the membership and are subsequently members of the local Chapter Executive Board.

The duties of an Executive Board member, in addition to serving as members of the board, are to represent the Chapter at the Delegate Assembly of UUP. Throughout the year Delegates attend monthly Chapter Executive Board meetings and are informed of issues that affect the various aspects of the union. The delegate then attends the Delegate Assembly (a 2-day meeting, 3 times per academic year) to discuss and vote on issues that affect the union and the local chapter membership.

Delegates are also what we consider “department reps”. However not all departments are represented by a delegate and you don’t have to be a delegate to be a department representative. We’re always looking for people to help us spread the word.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in the union, even as a department rep, please consider attending a membership meeting or an executive board meeting, talk with officers or delegates or contact us.

2023-2025 Academic Delegates

Listed in order of rank

  • Veenstra, Richard
  • Grassl, Steven
  • Lyon, Michael
  • Threatte, Gregory
  • Glass, Aaron
  • Vossler, James
  • Duffy, Patricia
  • Hagerman, Rachael
  • Wang, Guirong
  • Nolan, Kimberly
  • Ruckdeschel, Elizabeth
  • Tracey, Anthony

2023-2025 Professional Delegates

Listed in order of rank

  • Baxter, Theresa
  • Heath, Mindy
  • Snowdon, Anne
  • Benware, Debra
  • Lamanna, Bernadette
  • Lupia, Colleen
  • Baker, Martin
  • McDonald, Joseph
  • Stasior, Paul
  • Africa, Benjamin
  • Emerson, Debra
  • Carter, Trymeter
  • Hone, Andrea
  • Illingsworth, Loni
  • Burns, Dawn
  • Smith, Amber
  • Williams, Amy
  • Stevens, Scott
  • Mahoney, Margaret
  • Cunningham, Reis
  • Kapilla, Jamie
  • Workman, Jordan
  • Reck, Caitlin
  • Stevens, Megan
  • Meyer, Hans
  • Okey, Brian
  • Mark, Gary
  • Seckner, Tonya
  • Isabell, Lisa
  • Paino, Marissa
  • Adier, Lual
  • Brummer, Jesse
  • Scholl, David Michael
  • Van Dusen, Virginia
  • McChesney, Charles
  • Kerr, Devin
  • Holtham, Karan
  • Gadomski, Richard
  • Becirevic, Benjamin